Upcoming in 2017

January 16
Franklin College
Franklin, Indiana

January 20
Fresno Pacific University
Fresno, California

January 27-28
Truman State University
Kirksville, Missouri

July 24-27
Awaken Worship Conference
Little Rock, Arkansas


November 19
Christian Methodist Episcopal Fall Meeting
Tyler, Texas

November 15
Georgetown College
Georgetown, Kentucky

November 14
Baptist Seminary of Kentucky
Georgetown, Kentucky

November 13
Central Baptist
Lexington, Kentucky

November 10
Texas Christian University
Fort Worth, Texas

September 1-3
Houston, Texas
World Methodist Conference

June 1-4
Atlanta, Georgia
FTE Regional Discernment Retreat

April 22-23
St. Louis, Missouri
Chaos to Community

April 21
Jefferson City, Missouri
Community & Authority

April 15-17
New York City
Revolutionary Love Conference

April 14
Austin, Texas
Methodist Federation For Social Action

April 9
Durham, North Carolina
Jack Crum Conference on Racism and an End to White Supremacy

March 30
Huntsville, Texas
Say Her Name

Feb 25-28
Houston, Texas
FTE Regional Discernment Retreat

February 20
Alvarado, Texas
UMW Social Action


November 13-15
St. Louis, Missouri
UMW Regional Gathering

April 24
Houston, Texas

April 21-22
Raleigh, North Carolina
North Carolina Preaching Festival

April 20
The Woodlands, Texas
Large Church Initiative

March 14
Dallas, Texas
Truth To Power: Eradicating Racism

January 5-8
Austin, Texas
LEAD 2015

January 4
Austin, Texas
Servant Church

One thought on “Speaking”

  1. AWESOME blog creation; I thank GOD for allowing yourself to be used by GOD during this time in our history to share your view, the view of the family and those who have a conscious regarding Sandy Bland! For those of us who knew her well and worked with her, We LOVE & miss her terribly!! As for you, it was great meeting you a few weeks ago during your trip to Chicagoland; be encouraged in the Lord and know that there are people like me who are praying Heaven down on your behalf!!! BLESSINGS!

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